Out of School Youth

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It has been estimated that at least 80 percent of migrant and temporary/seasonal farm workers residing in San Joaquin County, do not have a high school degree or GED equivalent. Furthermore, although local statistical data indicates that Hispanics comprise approximately 33 percent of overall high school enrollment, Hispanics alarmingly constitute 38 percent of the overall high school drop-out rate in San Joaquin County.

The objective of the Out of School Youth (OSY) component of the Migrant Education Program is to provide supplemental educational services to students (ages 18 – 21) who have not graduated from high school, or who have not completed a GED high school equivalency certificate, and have demonstrated their eligibility to receive migrant services. Through this program, OSY are encouraged to be independent and self-confident as they seek to improve their education and receive continued support as they work to successfully complete a program.

Whenever possible the goal is to help the student return to high school and receive a diploma. When that is not possible, students are referred to the GED program. Students needing more basic skills are referred to other available programs or English language classes. Three Youth advocates work with these young adults to place them in programs that will increase their education and the quality of their lives.

Additional services provided include emergency medical, dental and vision assistance, personal and academic counseling, vocational exploration, transportation assistance, job placement, resume preparation, and childcare.