Our Mission and Services

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Mission Statement
Migrant Education Region 23 through its dedicated and committed staff, will provide supplemental services that encourage educational opportunities leading to empowerment and success in the lives of migrant students and their families.

What We Do
Migrant Education provides services based on the needs of migrant students and available resources within the district. In order to provide academic opportunities for migrant students, each district designs a supplemental service plan that best complements the district’s educational plan. Some of the programs include Early Childhood Education, youth leadership, youth and adult programs, as well as parent involvement.

Overview of Programs

• Supplemental Services – Yearly more than 15,000 children from birth to 22 are identified as migrant students. Nearly half of these individuals are given supplemental services into the summer months.
• Reading is Fundamental (RIF) Grants – Annually, over 35,000 books are distributed to preschool and elementary migrant students.

Early Childhood Education

• Migrant Education Even Start program (MEES) - Migrant students between the ages of three and five receive weekly home visits from Migrant staff or participate in the First 5 preschool programs.

Youth Leadership

• The Migrant Education Program supports a variety of activities that provide experience and training to our youth. Our goal is to prepare them to be successful students and citizens, and to open their eyes to the many choices and opportunities that are available to them.

Programs for Adults and Youth

• Out of School Youth (OSY) - Young adults can enroll in English as a Second Language, General Educational Development (GED), and life skills programs. They are also given information and kits with toiletries, a pocket translator, and dictionary.
• I.N.E.A. Tutors (National Institute for the Education of Adults) – Migrant parents and young adults over the age of 15 may improve their literacy skills by enrolling in the Artessi Labor Camp number three.

Parent Involvement

• Parent involvement ensures healthy relationships between parents and their children.
• Migrant Education facilitates advisory committees at the district and regional levels.
• Migrant parents have opportunities to build their leadership skills.
• Workshops and conferences are offered to parents throughout the year. These feature topics on parent-student relationships, effective communication, parental responsibility, and how the educational system works.