History and Background

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Region 23 began operation in September of 1998. It encompasses San Joaquin County and eastern Contra Costa County, and functions under the San Joaquin County Office of Education.

The program is structured to meet the needs and priorities of migrant students. Steering committees made up of representatives from school districts, community agencies, and parents identified five priorities for Migrant Education Supplemental Services: Identification and Recruitment (ID&R), Instruction, Administration, Health, and Parent Involvement. The steering committees recommended districts are responsible for Instruction, as is mandated, and that the Regional Office supports district’s instructional efforts.

The Regional Office is responsible for Administration, Health, ID&R, Out of School Youth, Intersession /Summer School Programs, Student Leadership Activities and Parent Involvement. Districts have the option of leaving responsibility for all five components to the Regional Office. These districts are called Direct Service Districts.

Migrant Education supports and supplements educational and instructional services for districts in the following ways:

• Coordinates programs with the district based on migrant student needs;
• Supports the Migrant Education Even Start Program (MEES), for children ages 3-5;
• Supports K-12 educational programs: after school tutorial, transportation, and special programs;
• May provide, in agreement with the Mexican Consulate, any district a Bi-national Report Card. By completing this Bi-national Report Card, students are guaranteed a space in any school in Mexico, and may be able to receive academic credit;
• Coordinates with the district an Educational Learning Plan (ELP) or Migrant Action Plan (MAP);
• Provides summer educational packages, Continuous Learning Program (CLP);
• Allows migrant staff to reach out to the Out of School Youth (OSY) and refer them to vocational programs, GED programs, adult school, or Network programs;
• Advocates for students when necessary; and
• Maintains close ties with the California Mini Corps to provide student teachers to schools