Student Programs & Services

Student Programs & Services oversees programs offered to students through the San Joaquin County Office of Education’s (SJCOE) County Operated Schools & Programs, Educational Services, and Special Education/Special Education Local Plan Area divisions. The department also:

  • • Builds and maintains relationships between the SJCOE and San Joaquin County’s 14 local school districts and charter schools to collaboratively meet the needs of students and educators.
  • • Leads the SJCOE’s external engagement and partnership efforts, working closely with nonprofit organizations, schools, community-based organizations, businesses, and government entities to support the success of San Joaquin County students.
  • • Reviews and processes public records requests.
  • • Connects SJCOE employees to the organization through employee engagement initiatives and activities.
  • • Oversees the Public Information Office, which tells the stories of the SJCOE and San Joaquin County’s schools, programs, students, and educators, to raise awareness about education in San Joaquin County, current initiatives, and local achievements.
  • • Oversees the Equity Inclusion and Access Department which provides leadership and program guidance to the SJCOE, student programs, Administrative Council, and individual departments to ensure the sustainability of change initiatives regarding equity, access, culturally and linguistically responsive learning, and work environments.