San Joaquin County Honor Roll

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The SJCOE Public Information Office annually publishes the Spring and Fall San Joaquin County High School Honor Roll. All high schools in San Joaquin County are eligible and encouraged to participate.

Fall 2018- 2019

Principals List 4.0+ Honor Roll 3.0 – 3.9
ABLE Charter School Principals List ABLE Charter School Honor Roll
Chavez HS Principals List Chavez HS Honor Roll
COSP Principals List COSP Honor Roll
Delta Charter School Principals List Delta Charter School Honor Roll
Delta Charter Online Principals List Delta Charter Online Honor Roll
East Union HS Principals East Union HS Honor Roll
Edision HS Principals List Edision HS Honor Roll
Escalon HS Principals List Escalon HS Honor Roll
Franklin HS Principals List Franklin HS Honor Roll
Health Careers Academy Principals List Health Careers Academy Honor Roll
Independence High School Principals List Independence High School Honor Roll
John C Kimball HS Principals List John C Kimball HS Honor Roll
Langston Hughes Academy Principals List Langston Hughes Academy Honor Roll
Lathrop HS Principals List Lathrop HS Honor Roll
Lincoln HS Principals List Lincoln HS Honor Roll
Linden HS Principals List Linden HS Honor Roll
Lodi HS Principals List Lodi HS Honor Roll Fall
Manteca HS Honor Roll Manteca HS Honor Roll
Merlo Institute of Env. Tech Principals List Merlo Institute of Env. Tech Honor Roll
Merrill F West HS Principals List Merrill F West HS Honor Roll
Middle College HS Principals List Middle College HS Honor Roll
Millennium HS Principals List Millennium HS Honor Roll
Mountain House HS Principals List Mountain House HS Honor Roll
Pacific Law Academy Principals List Pacific Law Academy Honor Roll
Rio Valley Charter Principals List Rio Valley Charter Honor Roll
Ripon HS Principals List Ripon HS Honor Roll
Ronald McNair HS Principals List Ronald McNair HS Honor Roll
Saint Marys HS Principals List Saint Marys HS Honor Roll
Sierra HS Principals List Sierra HS Honor Roll
Stagg HS Principals List Stagg HS Honor Roll
Stein High School Principals List Stein High School Honor Roll
Stockton Collegiate Principals List Stockton Collegiate Honor Roll
Tokay HS Principals List Tokay HS Honor Roll
Tracy HS Principals List Tracy HS Honor Roll
Venture Academy Principals List Venture Academy Honor Roll
Village Oaks HS Principals List Village Oaks HS Honor Roll
Weber Institute Principals List Weber Institute Honor Roll
Weston Ranch HS Principals List Weston Ranch HS Honor Roll
Willow Community Day School Principals List Willow Community Day School Honor Roll