Migrant Education Early Start

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Migrant Education Early Start provides an array of services to children and their parents through its home visitation program.

The Migrant Education Region 23 Early Start program provides children under the age of five with one hour of one-on-one home based tutoring in 32-week cycles. Whether or not students continue on to a second cycle will depend on each individual child’s needs. Each cycle includes a field with the others used to enhance social skills, education for children of ages three through seven, and parent and child time.

An initial needs assessment is conducted for each child and family where goals are set for the cycle. Additionally, it is determined whether or not the family has health insurance. Children who are without coverage are referred to health facilitators within the County. Depending upon each child’s age, he or she goes through the Brigance Assessment, Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT) and/or Phonological Awareness Literacy Scale (PALS) tests. These tests help educators determine where these children are developmentally.

During the weekly visits parents are required to learn how to work with their children and help further enhance language development, literacy, school readiness, and support the achievement of developmental milestones. Region 23 distributes Kinder Surveys to all Kindergarten teachers with Migrant Students who have participated in Migrant Education Early Start. Migrant Education uses teachers’ feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of the program in preparing students for kindergarten. Overall surveys show that students who were part of the Migrant Education Early Start program are ready for kindergarten.