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Local districts’ financial needs are served by SJCOE’s District Business Services. The department maintains fiscal oversight for all K-12 school districts in San Joaquin County by providing budget reviews, year-end unaudited financial report reviews, annual audit reviews, vendor payment reviews, daily cash monitoring, month end county treasury fund reconciliations, statewide accounting and financial updates, and state financial and average daily attendance (ADA) software support. This department has the responsibility to ensure that the 14 school districts in the county, with a combined total of over $1.3 billion in revenue budgets, remain fiscally solvent.

District Business Services also serves as the business office for two direct service school districts by processing payroll, commercial warrants, conducting accounting and budget transactions, preparing financial reports, developing budgets, and maintaining position control.


2021-22 Budget and MYP Guidelines
Per-Pupil Expenditures-Reporting Under ESSA

Finance Advisory Packet (4/28/2021)
Finance Advisory Packet (1/27/2021)
Finance Advisory Packet (10/28/2020)
Finance Advisory Packet (7/29/2020)


Statement of Reasons for Excess Reserves
45-Day Revision Form
Collective Bargaining Agreement Disclosure Letter
Collective Bargaining Agreement Disclosure Form
Non-Voter Debt Form/Letter


2019-20 Audit Activity Reporting Calendar