County Office Business Services

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County Business Services provides budget, accounting, and payroll services to programs operated by SJCOE. Budget and Accounting provides salary projections, payments to vendors, financial reporting, fiscal oversight, audit compliance, and budget services to SJCOE programs. There are more than 700 separate program budgets within SJCOE's $520 million annual budget. Beginning balances, revenues, expenditures, and ending balances are accounted separately for each of these programs.

Payroll services processes payroll, taxes, and retirement reports for SJCOE programs and local school districts. Payroll also provides district related payroll functions for local school districts with special payroll assistance to the Direct Service School Districts. County schools payroll issues paychecks for SJCOE and all school districts, except Stockton and Lodi Unified. In January 2022, 11,642 paychecks were issued through Payroll and there were 12,420 W-2 forms issued for 2021.