The Venture On Challenge Course

The Venture On Challenge Course is part of the Venture Academy Family of Schools program. Students and staff from school districts come to challenge themselves on the course, which is also open to scouting, professional, and other organizations. The course is a series physical challenges, for both individuals and groups, that require a combination of teamwork skills and personal commitment.

The course ranges from ground-level games and initiatives to exercises taking place high above the course floor using elements made from utility poles, ropes, and cables. The program provides adventure-learning experiences, challenging individuals to push beyond their perceived limits, work effectively with others, think creatively about problems, learn to trust, and have fun. Trained facilitators lead groups through a series of games, initiative problems, and cooperative activities that promote individual and group development and lead to the experience of climbing on the course's high elements.

To learn more about the Venture On Challenge Course and how to book your group, please visit or call (209) 468-9187.