Residency at TCSJ

Residency at TCSJ is a one-year traditional option to acquire a preliminary teaching credential. The teacher residency model requires a year-long intensive placement with a master teacher, which is significantly longer than other traditional programs that require a short-term student teaching experience. The program is constructed around the schedule of P-12 schools, thus enabling an authentic, yearlong clinical experience with a master teacher, who serves as the residency candidate on-site, classroom mentor.

Program Highlights:

  • • One-Year Program
  • • Intense clinical practice for entire year with a master teacher
  • • Mentoring and coaching
  • • Coherent vision of teaching
  • • Integration of coursework & clinical experiences
  • • Coursework is held in Stockton
  • • Master’s degree available for 10-12 additional units
  • • Residents will receive priority consideration for employment upon successful completion of "Residency at TCSJ."

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