Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

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Teachers College of San Joaquin (TCSJ) offers three options for individuals seeking a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

  1. 1) The first option provides candidates the opportunity to earn an Administrative Services Credential concurrently with a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and School Development. Depending on the needs of the candidate this program can be completed in approximately 24 months.
  2. 2) TCSJ also has an Administrative Services Credential only option that can be completed in 12 months.
  3. 3) TCSJ also provides an Administrative Intern Program for candidates who have secured an administrative position and need to enroll in an Administrative Services Credential Program as a condition of employment. Candidates enroll in Administrative Services Credential coursework and are assigned a TCSJ fieldwork supervisor to provide individual support in their new administrative position during their intern year. TCSJ, the fieldwork supervisor and the employer collaborate to support the intern’s success.

There are several components that make TCSJ’s Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program unique. TCSJ utilizes a cohort model where groups of students take all of their coursework together and support one another throughout the duration of their program. This support has proven to be a significant aspect of our program in addition to opportunities for students to create a professional network of colleagues. TCSJ classes are taught by experienced faculty, such as superintendents and assistant superintendents, along with current practitioners in the field of education. This is a unique opportunity to “make yourself known” to district personnel prior to applying for possible positions in their respective districts.

The fieldwork component of the program allows candidates the opportunity to apply theory learned through coursework in an authentic setting. Candidates are released from their current position, with administrator and district approval, for a total of 12 days throughout the school year to work as a student administrator at another site in their school district. Fieldwork allows candidates to experience the “big picture” of a school year from an administrator’s perspective. Candidates share that fieldwork contributes to building their skills and abilities as an administrative leader and is one of the aspects of the program they value the most.

Clear Administrative Services Credential Program

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TCSJ's program for candidates to Clear their Preliminary Administrative Credential is a two-year program that utilizes a leadership coaching model (in lieu of coursework) and is tied to the CA Professional Standards for Educational Leaders.

Both the Preliminary and Clear Administrator Credential Programs are accredited by the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

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