Heat Illness, Injury and Illness Prevention Program

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San Joaquin County Office of Education developed a Heat Illness Prevention Plan to control the risk of occurrences of heat illness and to comply with the California Code of Regulations Proposed State Standard, Title 8, Chapter 4, Section 3395. The plan is designated to educate employees and their supervisors on the symptoms of heat illness, causes of symptoms, ways to prevent heat and illness, and what to do if they or a fellow employee experience symptoms of heat and illness. Employees that fall under this regulation could include, but are not limited to, maintenance, grounds, and transportation workers, custodians, security personnel, physical education teachers, and playground supervisors.

In order to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, San Joaquin County Office of Education developed an Injury & Illness Prevention Program for employees. This document describes the goals, statutory authority, and the responsibilities of employees. It addresses Compliance, Hazard Identification, Accident Investigation, Hazard Mitigation, Training, Hazard Communication, and Program Documentation. By making employee safety a high priority, SJCOE reduces injuries and illnesses, increase productivity, and promotes a safer and healthier environment for all individuals.

Download the Injury and Illness Prevention Program manual

Download the Heat Illness Prevention Plan manual