Interdistrict Attendance Appeals

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The San Joaquin County Board of Education has prepared this handbook to provide direction and information to pupils and parents/guardians who wish to appeal a school district’s decision to not grant an interdistrict attendance permit and to school districts who may be involved in the appeal process. The contents in this handbook constitute the procedures followed by the County Board for conducting interdistrict attendance appeals.

The County Board is committed to an objective review of the consideration of appeals for pupils denied interdistrict transfer agreements from local school districts.

The laws regarding pupil attendance, interdistrict transfer agreements and interdistrict attendance appeals are found in California Education Code Sections 46600 – 46611. These laws, as well as local district policy and administrative regulations for interdistrict attendance, apply in these appeals.

The appeal process begins by filing, in writing, a notice of appeal, which must be submitted within 30 calendar days from the refusal or failure of a district to permit interdistrict transfer of attendance. Should you have any questions regarding interdistrict attendance appeals, please call County Operated Schools and Programs, (209) 468-9215.

Interdistrict Attendance Appeal Handbook (English)
Interdistrict Attendance Appeal Handbook (Spanish)