Bilingual/English Learner Leadership Network

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Bilingual/English Learner Leadership (BELL) Network meetings are designed for educators and key personnel responsible for English learner programs. We share key English learner updates from quarterly California Department of Education (CDE) meetings, including legislation, policies, compliance, conferences, and resources. Most importantly, the network is an opportunity for professional learning, networking with colleagues from our surrounding districts, and finding out what is occurring locally regarding programs and services for English learners.

For specific dates and times, please call Toni Ludolph at (209) 468-4978.

May 9, 2018, BELL presentation
Title III Authorized Costs (T 3 Packet)
March 14, 2018 BELL presentation
November 16, 2017 BELL presentation
September 19, 2017 BELL presentation
CDE EL Contact List 2017-2018