K-12 Special Day Classes

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The BELIEVE! Program provides services for kindergarten through high school and is designed to promote a positive collaborative learning environment with mental health and behavior intervention services to students who experience challenges prohibiting them from being successful in an academic environment due to social, academic, emotional, and behavioral issues. The BELIEVE! Program provides social emotional skills teaching and practice to assist student’s ability to regulate their emotions and to communicate effectively.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
DHH provides special programs for students with hearing impairments that are serious enough that they primarily benefit from full-time placement in the special day class setting. Sign language interpreters enable students to mainstream in general education classes and participate in extracurricular activities when appropriate.

Orthopedic Impairment
OI provides support and special programs for students who have severe orthopedic impairments, and who may have some combination of placement between the special day class and the mainstream setting.

Extensive Support Needs
An extensive support needs program provides support and services to students with severe cognitive and developmental disabilities, including autism. Based on scaffolding of the common core standards, classes emphasize functional skills curriculum with a particular emphasis in the areas of communication, academics, independent living, social/adaptive skills, and beginning vocational skills training.

Extensive Support Needs Young Adults Transition Classes
This class provides vocational training, assessment, and ongoing functional academic training for extensive support needs students who are in transition from high school age to the world of work, supported employment or other adult settings.