Last names beginning with K

Janine Kaeslin Assistant Superintendent (209) 468-9265 County Operated Schools & Prog Wentworth Education Center
Kortney Kauss Administrative Assistant (209) 468-4928 SELPA Wentworth Education Center
Cheryl Keckler Program Manager III (209) 636-0006 Head Start San Joaquin Head Start San Joaquin
Amy Kennedy Executive Assistant (209) 468-9027 Educational Services Wentworth Education Center
Maribel Kent Campus Safety Technician- Harmony (209) 639-3140 Alternative Education Wentworth Education Center
Bruce Kern Director II (209) 292-2900 Special Education Wentworth Education Center
Heidi Keyes Project Liaison II (209) 468-9098 Comprehensive Health Wentworth Education Center
Steve Kieffer Project Leader II (209) 292-2705 Greater Valley Conservation Corps Career and Technical Education Center
Sengmany Kingkhilysack Project Liaison I (209) 313-2369 Head Start San Joaquin Head Start San Joaquin
Dimel Kiryakous Program Manager (209) 468-4977 Information Technology Nelson Center
Sandee Kludt Consultant (209) 953-2139 SELPA Wentworth Education Center
Jennifer Kopecki Career Development Transition Specialist (209) 993-3984 WorkStartYes* Career and Technical Education Center
Rob Kroff Coordinator-Venture Ropes Course (209) 601-5695 Venture Academy Family of Schools Venture Academy