Welcome to TEACH! Academy

San Joaquin County Early College High School Tour

Things can get a little meta at TEACH! Academy.


Students in Megan Filice's English language arts classroom aren't just learning the subject matter right now as they study Romeo and Juliet (ninth grade) and Lord of the Flies (10th grade). Since this is a school for future teachers, the students will also study the classroom activities and lessons Filice used to teach them about these classic stories.


"They are learning as learners and they are learning as future teachers," Filice said during our recent visit to the school.


TEACH! Academy was the latest stop on our tour as we highlight early college high schools in San Joaquin County. During our visit, students also honed their note-taking skills in the AVID academic support program.


TEACH! is an early college program that is part of the Venture Academy Family of Schools. It is the starting point on a path for students interested in a career in education with the goal of graduating with both a high school diploma and AA degree from San Joaquin Delta College. Through partnerships, they can complete their bachelor's degree and begin teaching in local classrooms as Teachers College of San Joaquin students while their peers are still wrapping up their college degrees.

Posted: 1/27/2023