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As the primary partners with San Joaquin County educational agencies, we ensure equity and that every student is college, career and life ready.


In partnership with our educational community, the Continuous Improvement and Support team leads with equity, designs and facilitates relevant and innovative learning that fosters relationships and is responsive to student and adult needs.

Continuous Improvement and Support Brochure

The Continuous Improvement and Support brochure outlines professional learning opportunities for school districts and schools.
Continuous Improvement & Support Brochure

Professional Learning

Our team can customize and design professional learning aligned to your district or school community’s needs.

Accelerated Learning Modules
21CSLA “Leading Accelerated Learning” – Session 1
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Building Up Your Armor: Combating Stress to Lead at Your Best
This session offers group activities to strengthen team bonds and build resilience, a brief history of stress and how it leads into the new model of stress, an exploration of where we are at relevant to high stress and COVID, and an exploration of techniques to help alleviate excess stress and build psychological armor/resilience.

Curriculum Breakfasts
The SJCOE Curriculum Breakfasts are keynote events on current education topics, provided by engaging and inspirational speakers who are experts in their field.

Curriculum Breakfast featuring Dr. Doug Fisher

  • • Co-author of The Distance Learning Playbook, Checking for Understanding, and many more essential educational books, Dr. Fisher will share high-impact strategies from his latest publication Leading the Rebound.
  • • September 3rd / 9:00 – 12:00 (virtual)
  • • Register now to receive your free copy of Leading the Rebound!
  • • Support your next-steps implementation by joining the Leading the Rebound Book Study Network Oct. 1, Nov. 5, and Dec. 10 (9:00 – 10:00; virtual)

Distance Learning Modules
SJCOE Distance Learning Modules Website
SJCOE Distance Learning Modules Padlet

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

The Universal for Design Learning Series is returning for another year of professional learning for teachers and administrators. Attend the entire series or select what interests you most. The series will provide a synthesized approach to participating in UDL professional learning in a virtual setting. There will be materials to review prior to each training to encourage a Flipped Learning environment.
Universal Design for Learning Basics
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Continuous Improvement

Data Services
Providing various data consulting services, such as: analyzing existing data for continuous improvement, root cause analysis, building data tools, impact studies, data reporting, data visualizations, and evaluations. Research and development, such as: literature reviews, continuous improvement, and case studies. Hosting the SJCOE Data Collaborative. This collaborative provides an opportunity for professional development and to share and learn best practices from other data enthusiasts.

Differentiated Assistance

Under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), county offices of education are the first point of contact for school districts eligible for additional support, also known as differentiated assistance. School districts are the primary drivers of the type of assistance and support they receive under California's new accountability and improvement system for education. The SJCOE collaborates with districts identified by the state through the California School Dashboard. Next steps depend on the needs and decisions of the districts. The SJCOE is available to provide additional support and services.

Local Control Accountability Plan Development

State and Federal Accountability Support

PLC On-Demand to the Professional Learning
For veteran and new PLC-ers alike, this collection of brief PowerPoints, videos, articles, and websites will support you our your team’s deepening development and continuous improvement of core, essential PLC elements. To access go to our PLC LiveBinder: (Access Key: PLC2021).

School Plan Development & Continuous Improvement
November 18, 2021 / 9:00 – 12:00 (in-person) OR February 8, 2022 / 9:00 – 12:00 (in-person)
This workshop will provide leaders guidance and tools to develop effective SPSAs. While this workshop will address CSI and ATSI plan development and monitoring requirements, all are welcomed.
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School Plan Development & Continuous Improvement


Curriculum Network
A network for key district personnel responsible for making curriculum and professional learning decisions for their districts. Each meeting will feature professional learning from the SJCOE Educational Services team, so that districts leaders experience the same professional learning as their teachers and administrators. The meeting will also include a hot topics discussion and timely updates from departments across Ed Services and the California Department of Education.

Instructional Coach Network

Instructional Coach Network meetings feature targeted professional learning as well as outcome-oriented networking and collaboration.

  • • August 26th / 9:00 – 11:00 (virtual)
  • • October 28, December 9, February 3, April 14 / 9:00 – 11:30 (in-person)
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Instructional Coach Network flyer

LCAP 101 & LCAP Network
The LCAP 101 & LCAP Network is designed to bring together LCAP district and charter leaders to share news and updates, promising practices and collective expertise around the LCAP process. Agendas and presentations are developed and presented collaboratively between program and fiscal services.
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LCAP & LCAP Network flyer

Site Administrators Network

The Site Administrators Network connects site leaders with current topics and helpful resources in an atmosphere of co-learning, support, and collaboration. See the Site Administrators Network flyer for more information.

  • • September 1, January 26, March 2, May 4 / 8:00 – 11:00 (in-person)
Site Administrators Network flyer

Contact Information

All of the Continuous Improvement and Support Department team members work directly with district and school leaders in partnership to meet their student goals.

District Partnerships and Differentiated Assistance

Connor Sloan, Ed.D.
(209) 468-9084

Local Control Accountability Plan

Stephanie Hitchcock
(209) 468-4959

Professional Learning

Sally Glusing
(209) 953-2127

Fred Cochran
(209) 468-4811

Lisa Bowman
(209) 817-8193

State and Federal, Accountability, Williams and Counseling

Lisa Neugebauer
(209) 468-9052

Data Analysis and Support

Dr. Richard Woodruff
(209) 817-8194


Stephanie Olmos
(209) 468-4868

Bridget Watson
(209) 817-8198