Substitute Services

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The San Joaquin County Office of Education has periodic openings for substitute teachers. We are aware of the importance of substitute teachers and the role they play in providing high quality service to the educational programs conducted by our office. We offer positions in our Alternative Education, Special Education, and Venture Academy Classrooms.

Our Alternative Education program consists of Court and Community Schools, Charter Schools, and Regional Occupation Center and Programs, and follows the philosophy of "one." "Each individual is important, but it is when individuals join together and work as 'one' that miracles can occur."

Our Special Education program serves students with disabilities not otherwise served in the school districts that make up the San Joaquin SELPA. This program primarily serves students with severe disabling conditions, students diagnosed with autism, visual impairment and hearing impairment.

Venture Academy is chartered by the San Joaquin County Board of Education and is one of the largest charter schools in San Joaquin County. The school serves K-12 students and offers programs featuring flexible schedules and focus sites that develop students' academic progress and imagination