Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program

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The Foster Youth (FY) and Homeless Services (HS) assist and empower all systems that support students, who are homeless or in foster care. FY and HS are designed to prepare students to become successful, self-sufficient, and independent adults. The program is funded by the California Department of Education and United States Department of Education. FHY maintains partnerships with the San Joaquin County community that are focused on improving the educational outcomes of wards and dependents, ages 4 to 21, who reside in licensed children's institutions, foster family agencies, and county foster homes, as well as those students and families who are homeless.

The Foster Youth Advisory Committee oversees the development and implementation of all programming. It is comprised of school districts, community colleges, child welfare services, probation, juvenile court, advocacy agencies, and former foster youth. These agencies work in partnership with FY and HS to strengthen and enhance services to students in foster care. In addition, FY and HS coordinate services and provide support to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Liaisons, as well as homeless students and their families within this region’s school districts.

Foster and Homeless Youth Services Brochure