Career Technical Education

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SJCOE Career Technical Education (CTE) programs in the secondary grades integrate core academic instruction with technical and occupational instruction in order to increase student achievement, graduation rates, and readiness for postsecondary education and employment.

SJCOE’s CTE program focuses on preparing students to enter current or emerging high-skill, high-wage, and/or high-demand occupations. CTE opportunities may be offered through linked learning programs, partnership academies, apprenticeship programs or orientation to apprenticeships, regional occupational centers or programs, tech prep programs, charter schools, small learning communities, or other programs that expose students to career options while preparing them for future careers in a given industry or interest area.

State model curriculum standards for CTE for grades 7-12 integrate the state's academic content standards with industry-specific knowledge. The state's curriculum framework for CTE provides guidance in implementing the state content standards and assessment standards. Skills in 58 career pathways are organized into 15 industry sectors:

• Agriculture and natural resources
• Arts, media, and entertainment
• Building trades and construction
• Education, child development, and family services
• Energy and utilities
• Engineering and design
• Fashion and interior design
• Finance and business
• Health science and medical technology
• Hospitality, tourism, and recreation
• Information technology
• Manufacturing and product development
• Marketing, sales, and service
• Public services
• Transportation