Stanford Tool Kit | Teaching Vaping and Cannabis Prevention Remotely

Dates: Feb 3 2022 10:00AM - Feb 3 2022 11:30AM

Location: Virtual


Intro to E-Cigarettes
Chemicals: From Liquid to Aerosol
What’s the Damage: Health Effects of the Aerosol
Central Problem of E-Cigarette Usage: Nicotine
What Are They Selling: Nicotine Marketing
Please join us for this free workshop to learn:
The Cannabis Awareness and Prevention Toolkit is aresearch-informed set of curriculums to help preventstudents from starting


This new online course is a free, vaping prevention course for teaching students remotely about the harms of vaping. This course was developed in consultation with and reviewed by youth, educators, and health care providers. Find an overview of the course along with detailed instructions for teaching here on the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit website.


The Cannabis Awareness and Prevention Toolkit is a research-informed set of curriculums to help prevent students from starting or escalating use of using cannabis/marijuana. The goals of this Toolkit are for students to learn basic information about all cannabis products; understand how their brain develops, and how cannabis influences this development; identify ways of how using cannabis can interfere with the development of life skills all adolescents need to be learning; process how using cannabis can get in the way of a young person finding out what can bring them pleasure; explore who they are and what they like, as alternatives to cannabis use; gain refusal skills to address peer pressure of experimentation and use of cannabis/marijuana.

The Toolkit includes information about cannabis and the developing brain, the science of THC, CBD, and dopamine, short and long-term health effects of using cannabis, differentiating facts from options about cannabis, and what a person’s job is in their teens. Pick and choose which lessons will be most useful for your work. PowerPoints, worksheets and activities can all be adapted to suit the needs of schools, community organizations, and health-related agencies

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