How Telescopes Work

Dates: Jan 13 2018 9:00AM - Jan 13 2018 12:30PM

Location: Wentworth Education Center: Harmony Grove Lab

Explore what pinhole viewers and giant telescopes have in common through using lenses to construct a basic model of a telescope.

While most people have a basic idea of how lenses work, they frequently don’t know how telescopes use lenses and mirrors together to organize light to form images of distant objects. The behavior of light is examined with a pinhole projector and lenses of differing focal lengths. An exploration of the properties of both light and lenses will help develop a more complete understanding through constructing a simple telescope.  Participants will receive a set of 24 Galileoscopes.

Workshop is presented by Brian Kruse from the Teacher Learning Center at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and hosted by San Joaquin County Office of STEM. Brian Kruse (

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