Acting with Integrity

Brookside Elementary School student honored by the SJCOE with Certificate of Integrity

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Or as a young Brookside Elementary School student shared at the school site’s monthly awards assembly on Dec. 20, “Integrity means to do the right thing!”


The word integrity can also be used to describe Brookside Elementary School seventh-grader Saachi Arora.

Saachi was honored by the SJCOE at the assembly with a Certificate of Integrity for her exemplary display of integrity at the San Joaquin County Spelling Bee on Dec. 5. 

At the Junior High division written competition, Saachi was leading the way as one of the top three students vying to earn a spot to move on to the state competition. As the competition moved forward, Saachi raised her hand and informed judges that there had been a judging error and that she had spelled a word incorrectly.

As SJCOE Associate Superintendent Troy Brown shared with students at the assembly, “She showed honesty and integrity, and nobody would have known except her if she hadn’t done that.” He then went on to share how impressed he was to witness Saachi’s act of integrity, adding “What this young person did was probably one of the best things I have ever seen in education and I am so proud of her.”

Honoring Saachi as a person of exemplary integrity today was also a proud moment for the Brookside Elementary School administrators and staff that teach their students the importance of being kind and following “The Brookside Way,” which focuses on solving problems, showing respect, and making good decisions. 

And, it was an even prouder moment for Saachi’s parents and friends who watched from the crowd with smiles beaming from their faces and tears in their eyes, waiting to hug and congratulate their daughter and friend for doing the right thing.

Posted: 12/20/2018