Perfect Attendance

COSP students with first-quarter perfect attendance feast at rewards breakfast

The SJCOE's County Operated Schools and Programs (COSP) laid out a breakfast feast to reward the students in community schools who made it through the first quarter without missing a day.

In total, 198 students from the schools had perfect attendance. It's not unusual for COSP to reward pefect attendance, but the breakfast is something new.

In previous years, COSP only threw a party for perfect attendance after at least a whole semester. But there's been a full-court press from the department this year to increase attendance, and the heaps of eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes to students with perfect attendance after the first quarter was just a part of it. 

"We're trying to continue with our theme of keeping things positive," said Doug Silva, a COSP coordinator. "We want to be able to get as many students in school as much as possible."

The breakfast was also to recognize the combined effort of the teachers, campus safety technicians and other COSP staff who have been working hard to get students to come to school, Silva said.

Christa, a sophomore at one.Charter - Bianchi, hadn't had perfect attendance since she was in third grade. These days, she makes more of an effort to get to school, she said. "I try harder because I don't want to miss school," she said. She also said it was nice to have those efforts recognized at the breakfast. 

Xavier, a freshman at the school, also said it felt good to be rewarded. He said missing school makes him feel like he's missing out. "I know that every day there'll be something I need to know," he said. "We're always learning."

During the breakfast, the students ate and laughed alongside each other and COSP staffers. Some parents came, too. After breakfast, the students had a chance to win headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and other raffle prizes 

If they maintain their attendance through the entire first semester, there will be a chance for more prizes at a rewards lunch.

Silva told the students that they were building a framework that would help them the rest of their lives.

"It's not just about school. It's really about showing up for life."

Posted: 11/21/2018