George Naameh Named September COSP Educator of the Month

"Growing up, my parents always stressed the importance of education and the power it has to better one’s life."

Congratulations to George Naameh, the September 2018 Educator of the Month from San Joaquin County Office of Education County Operated Schools and Programs (COSP)!  George graduated from San Francisco State University in 2015.  Since graduating, George has taught one year in Southern California and the past two years in San Joaquin County.  He currently serves as a teacher at COSP’s one.Reconnect site.  Here's what George has to say about his experience as an educator:


What do you love about teaching?  

 The opportunity to positively influence the lives of our youth is one of the most important jobs in society. Knowing that my students are society's future leaders and working professionals is an exciting feeling. I love to check up on former students and see how they are doing in life or if they need a recommendation letter. Even after I graduated, many of my teachers, principals, and professors remained close figures in my life and even helped me get jobs by writing me nice recommendation letters or allowed me to use them as a reference. 


Why did you choose a career in education?  

Growing up, my parents always stressed the importance of education and the power it has to better one's life. We came from a country where education is not a right but a privilege; we didn't have a free and public education for everyone. I learned to never take it for granted and to make the most of my opportunities to learn and further my education. I love being in the classroom with my students and I hope to one day also teach at the university level.


What is the best thing that has happened in your classroom in the past month?   

My students have all become very close friends despite coming from different neighborhoods, backgrounds, and even different gangs. They have become extremely close and often call each other "homie" or "brother." This sense of camaraderie allows our classroom environment to be relaxed and inviting. 


What are your students most surprised to learn about you?   

My students are surprised to learn that I am a serious tennis player even though I play a lot of basketball with them. They're also surprised to know that I went to High School with two elite NBA players; Kawhi Leonard and Tony Snell. 


Who was your favorite teacher as a child? Why?   

My favorite teacher as a child was Mrs. Schwandt, my Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. Her sons were my best friends, so I spent a great deal of time around her and her family outside of school and they became close family friends. Mrs. Schwandt always pushed me to hold myself to the highest standard possible and to always be a perfectionist on my papers and essays. 

Posted: 11/16/2018