Senior Week Prepares Students for Future

Week for COSP students includes career fair, activities, and more

Students in SJCOE's alternative education programs worked hard to become seniors, and now graduation is almost around the corner. Behind the scenes, they had help from the committed staff at County Operated Schools and Program, seen here making sure the soon-to-be grads look picture perfect in their caps and gowns.

The senior photos were just one of the activities for Senior Week, organized by the one.Program counselling team.

Senior Week is an exciting time for students to come together for self-discovery, preparation for the next step beyond high school, and a bit of fun. Planned activities make it meaningful and memorable. The community supports students by sharing their experiences, talking with students or taking part in career panels showcasing construction, law enforcement, medical field, technology, logistics, and auto mechanics. There are also workshops covering real-world issues like the cost of living or learning to fine and interview for a job. Seniors also engage in games built around the "concept of one." philosophy underpinning the program.  This year, students will also take part in Sept. 27 Trü Hope Summit at the Stockton Arena. 

See more photos from Senior Week on the SJCOE Facebook page.

Posted: 9/27/2018