Meet the February COSP Educator of the Month

Todd Baker teaches at one.Charter Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

Congratulations to Todd Baker, February Educator of the Month for SJCOE County Operated Schools and Programs! Currently teaching at one.Charter Academy of Visual and Performing Arts site in Manteca, Baker is in his 11th year as a teacher in the one.Program.

 He said he chose a career in education because, "I love to learn and I have seen how many doors education can open.  I believe that it is important for our youth to hear this message and I feel capable of delivering it effectively."

 He also loves the people he works with. "Educators are the salt of the earth."Here's what else Baker had to say:

 What do you love about teaching?

 I love it when a student decides that it’s time to make a change.  Our job is to believe in every student’s potential and present them with opportunities. However, it is not until they believe in themselves that true progress begins.  As an educator you can tell, almost at the moment, when something clicks in a student and they are ready to engage. This is when the student and the educator start to truly experience success.


What are your students surprised to learn about you?

 My students are surprised to hear that I struggled quite a bit in high school.  I share my story with students in hopes of inspiring them to never give up and to adopt a growth mindset.  No matter how far you fall behind, there are always opportunities for growth and improvement.


What’s the best thing that has happened in your classroom the past month?

 My students have embraced the WRITE curriculum with open arms!  I have actually heard students say “this is pretty cool” and “this makes it so easy” when discussing the writing process with me and their peers.  

Who was your favorite teacher as a child? Why?

 My favorite childhood teacher was Brad Pecchenino (a.k.a. “Mr. P.”).  He integrated art, sports, music, and academics. Brad organized ultimate Frisbee tournaments and Greek dodgeball leagues.  He entered our art projects into contests at the Haggin Museum. We watched documentaries, played games, and participated in competitions that made learning and assessments fun.  His approach to education was creative and energetic in a way that continues to inspire me to be a better teacher.

Posted: 3/15/2018