Venture Students Show Off "Skills"

Students win awards in regional SkillsUSA competition

Students from the Venture Academy Family of Schools SkillsUSA team placed and took home medals from the regional competition held on Feb. 24. The daylong event at San Joaquin Delta College drew more than 1,000 students competing in various events.

 Those Venture students are:

  • Chapter Display: Emily Phosalath, Evie Tristan and Alejandra Romero (gold medal)
  • Career Pathway Showcase: Emily Phosalath, Evie Tristan and Alejandra Romero (fifth place)
  • Electrical Construction Wiring: Jordan Treydte (gold medal)
  • Photography: Elaina Cazares (silver medal)
  • Multiprocess Welding: Abel Aleman (fourth place)
  • Welding Sculpture: Colin Cancilla-Sisneroz (gold medal) and Ryan Firinaiu (silver medal)
  • Welding, MIG: Mark Robison (silver medal) and Cordell Wiltz (bronze medal)
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding: Julian McCord (silver medal), Pamela Perez (fourth place), snf Sebastian Gomez (fifth place)
Posted: 3/12/2018