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Brothers who once dropped out now ready to receive a diploma and career


Story from The Record

James Wagner and Steve Wagner III had a choice to make a few years back: Stay in school to secure their futures, or drop out to help their father with his present. They chose to help their dad, potentially putting their futures at risk. They were just boys when their father was severely injured in a car collision.


Although they had put their education on hold, they have found another avenue to a degree. Later this year, the Wagner brothers are scheduled to graduate with a diploma from the Building Futures Academy.

Eventually, the brothers were introduced to the Greater Valley Conservation Corps, another program at the SJCOE that helps youth ages 18 to 25 years old with academic instruction, employment opportunities, job training and life skills. Because of their hard work and passion, they were recommended for a paid internship and apprenticeship with Ten Space and the Corps, working with crews on restoring a multi-floor office building at 110 N. San Joaquin St. in downtown Stockton.

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Posted: 7/29/2016