IMPORTANT: SJCOE Converting from SubFinder to SmartFind

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As of July 1, the SubFinder system will no longer be available. All absences will need to be reported to SmartFind, our new absence tracking and substitute calling system. All jobs previously entered have been moved to SmartFind.

It is very important to register yourself in SmartFind as soon as possible! You will be required to record your name and change your PIN number. Both your ACCESS ID number and your PIN number will be your Escape payroll ID number, which can be found on your pay stub (if your payroll ID number is less than 6 digits do not enter the leading zero's (i.e. your payroll ID number is 320 and printed on your paystub as 000320, use 320 as your ACCESS ID number).

Very important: Substitutes will not receive calls for jobs if they are not registered in SmartFind!

How-to guides can be found on the SJCOE website on the Human Resource page (click on the Substitute Services link to locate the handouts) and on under the HE Resources tab. The document can also be downloaded by clicking the link below.  

To access the website click on this link

If you have any questions contact HR at (209) 468-4863.

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Posted: 6/30/2016