Resource Files

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Pathways to Continuous Improvement
-Comprehensive Needs Assessment tools to analyze school systems
Site Administrator Network
-Resources to provide support Principals as instructional leaders
UDL Toolkit
-A collection of UDL resources for teachers, coaches, and instructional leaders
-Resources to support the development of district LCAPs
Counselors Summit
-Email Lisa Neugebauer for access
Instructional Coaching Network
-Instructional Coaching Model for teachers and administrators
Curriculum Breakfast
-Resources provided to address current topics in education
Curriculum Network
-Resources that support key district personnel responsible for making curriculum and professional learning decisions for their districts.

Data Resources

CA School Dashboard
The California School Dashboard provides parents and educators with meaningful information on school and district progress so they can participate in decisions to improve student learning.

Riverside Tableau
An alternative visualization of California School Dashboard's state indicators on the California School Dashboard.

CAASPP California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress
Detailed CAASPP test results data for English Language Arts/Literacy and Math

California Department of Education Accountability and System of Support

California School Dashboard Navigator
The California School Dashboard Navigator is an interactive mapping tool for visualizing school and student group performance on a map that displays schools by their color-coded performance level for each of the state indicators and student groups.

Distance Learning Modules
The SJCOE developed distance learning modules in response to the need to create effective, engaging, and supportive learning environments in the virtual classroom. The five modules provide guidance in designing a virtual classroom, pedagogy shifts, lesson planning frameworks, ways to address unfinished learning, and how to provide language support during designated ELD time. The modules were offered virtually and recorded.

Administrator Micro-Modules
The SJCOE developed a series of modules designed just for site administrators as they lead their schools’ distance learning programs. This “on demand” series of micro-modules was designed to accommodate busy administrators’ schedules so that this essential professional learning would be easily accessible. Module topics include:

  • • Distance Learning Modules 1 – 3 Highlights
  • • Organizing Distance Learning on Your Virtual Campus
  • • Considerations for Asynchronous and Synchronous Walkthrough Observations in Distance Learning
  • • Are Our Students Learning? Formative and Summative Assessments in Distance Learning
  • • We Are All First Year Educators! Formal Observations in a Distance Learning Setting
  • • Connecting With All Stakeholders

Select either link below to access the modules:
SJCOE Administrator Micro Modules Website
SJCOE Administrator Micro Modules Padlet

Contact Information

All of the Continuous Improvement and Support Department team members work directly with district and school leaders in partnership to meet their student goals.

District Partnerships and Differentiated Assistance

Connor Sloan, Ed.D.
(209) 468-9084

Local Control Accountability Plan

Stephanie Hitchcock
(209) 468-4959

Professional Learning

Sally Glusing
(209) 953-2127

Fred Cochran
(209) 468-4811

Lisa Bowman
(209) 817-8193

State and Federal, Accountability, Williams and Counseling

Lisa Neugebauer
(209) 468-9052

Data Analysis and Support

Dr. Richard Woodruff
(209) 817-8194


Stephanie Olmos
(209) 468-4868