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Continuous Improvement and Support Mission

In partnership with our educational community, the Continuous Improvement and Support team designs and facilitates innovative learning that fosters relationships, champions equity and is responsive to student needs.

Continuous Improvement and Support Vision

As the primary partners with every San Joaquin County educational agency, we ensure every student is college, career and life ready.

Professional Learning

Our team can customize and design professional learning aligned to your district or school community’s needs.

Curriculum Breakfasts
The SJCOE Curriculum Breakfasts are professional learning opportunities for leaders to learn together about vital education topics. The breakfasts connect these leaders to speakers who are not only experts in their field but able to share their knowledge in ways that inspire and engage.
Curriculum Breakfasts Flyer

Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaches and site administrators explore concepts and practice strategies related to productive and purposeful coaching conversations and making an impact on instructional practice and student outcomes.

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

Teams and individuals engage in an overview of MTSS and key MTSS implementation drivers, as well as access and a deep dive into online MTSS modules.

Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement Support

District teams explore the Fall 2019 CA School Dashboard results, in addition to any real time local data. Participating teams will use system-analysis protocols to support planning and development of actions and services. From this exploration, districts can partner with the SJCOE teams to continue support to their district and school communities.
Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement Support flyer

Stress Workshop 1.0

Explore stress in a different way that is research and evidence backed. Learn about the history of stress and how recent evidence demonstrates a completely new take on stress. Understanding how stress affects you based on this new model has the potential to enhance your work life and home life. Information and activities will be provided to help support participants with making stress work for them instead of against them, including the popular Hard Reset. Connections to confidence, psychological resilience, seeing stress differently, learning, and growth.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

A series of professional learning that focuses on:

  • UDL Basics- What is UDL?
  • UDL Lesson Planning- Designing UDL Lessons
  • UDL Networking/Coaching- On-going professional learning to support UDL implementation

Continuous Improvement

Data Services

Providing various data consulting services, such as: analyzing existing data for continuous improvement, root cause analysis, building data tools, impact studies, data reporting, data visualizations, and evaluations. Research and development, such as: literature reviews, continuous improvement, and case studies. Hosting the SJCOE Data Collaborative. This collaborative provides an opportunity for professional development and to share and learn best practices from other data enthusiasts.

Differentiated Assistance

Under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), county offices of education are the first point of contact for school districts eligible for additional support, also known as differentiated assistance. School districts are the primary drivers of the type of assistance and support they receive under California's new accountability and improvement system for education. The SJCOE collaborates with districts identified by the state through the California School Dashboard. Next steps depend on the needs and decisions of the districts. The SJCOE is available to provide additional support and services.

Local Control Accountability Plan Development

State and Federal Accountability Support

California's Continuous Improvement System
Whole group workshops and individualized site based professional learning aimed at understanding California's continuous Improvement system, including how the Local Control Funding Formula, and the Every Student Succeeds act connects to district and school priorities.
California's Continuous Improvement System flyer


Curriculum Network
A network for key district personnel responsible for making curriculum and professional learning decisions for their districts. Each meeting will feature professional learning from the SJCOE Educational Services team, so that districts leaders experience the same professional learning as their teachers and administrators. The meeting will also include a hot topics discussion and timely updates from departments across Ed Services and the California Department of Education.

Site Administrators Network
A network for site administrators to collaboratively learn about current instructional leadership topics.

Contact Information

All of the Continuous Improvement and Support Department team members work directly with district and school leaders in partnership to meet their student goals.

District Partnerships and Differentiated Assistance

Melanie Greene
(209) 468-9084

Local Control Accountability Plan

Stephanie Hitchcock
(209) 468-4959

Professional Learning

Sally Glusing
(209) 953-2127

Fred Cochran
(209) 468-4811

Lisa Bowman
(209) 817-8193

State and Federal, Accountability, Williams and Counseling

Lisa Neugebauer
(209) 468-9052

Data Analysis and Support

Dr. Richard Woodruff
(209) 817-8194


Stephanie Olmos
(209) 468-4868

Ebicalina Casillas
(209) 817-8198

For general information on the support provided by the Continuous Improvement and Support Department, please contact Ebi Casillas at ebcasillias@sjcoe.net. For specific inquiries reach out to the team members above.