Writing Across Text Types Grades TK-2

Dates: Mar 14 2017 8:30AM - Mar 14 2017 3:00PM

Location: San Joaquin County Office of Education

Participants will see the ELA/ELD Framework in action and how the CCSS ELA/Literacy and ELD standards can be powerfully combined to address the language and learning needs of all students.  We will share the development of a sample writing unit Marvelous Mice which incorporates opinion, informative and narrative text types. The unit is organized using the teaching-learning cycle which focuses on these critical phases of teaching writing:

  • Building students’ content knowledge of the topic
  • Digging deeper into language using the ELD standards
  • Constructing texts jointly
  • Writing independently

Presentations will include video clips, student work, text sets, and our reflections from the implementation of this unit in a first grade classroom. 

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