Instructional Rounds

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Instructional rounds acquaint leadership teams with a practice adapted from the medical field rounds. Teachers, principals, and district office administrators work together to collect and examine data from instructional rounds to improve classroom practice in a non-judgmental manner.

Rounds are an explicit practice that focuses discussions of instruction to systematic school wide improvement. It blends current site and district initiatives with a practice that builds professional learning communities.

Instructional Rounds enable educators to develop a shared understanding of what high-quality instruction looks like while identifying what districts and schools must do to support teachers. Educators engage in Rounds by identifying a problem of practice, collecting data through an observation of practice, adhering to protocols for the observation debrief, and providing sites concrete suggestions for the next level of work.

This work stays true to the model discussed in Instructional Rounds in Education: A Network Approach to Improving Teaching and Learning by Elizabeth City, Richard Elmore, Sarah Fiarman, and Lee Teitel.

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