Direct Support Professional Training

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Direct Support Professionals provide direct care, guidance, and support to developmentally disabled consumers in Community Care Facilities (CCF). These facilities are designed to allow the consumers to live as independent as possible. Employees of CCF are required to complete training that provides skills necessary to meet the needs of the consumers, supervisors, and administrators to ensure their health and safety.

Direct Support Professional Training is a state certified program taught by qualified instructors from the San Joaquin County Office of Education Career Technical Education program. This two year, 70-hour course is taught in two separate phases, Year I and Year II. Both courses are 35 hours and are in accordance with Title 17 regulations. Year I training must be completed within the first year of employment and Year II training must be completed by the end of the second year of employment. At the conclusion of each course, the Direct Support Professional will complete a skill check and written test.

The SJCOE CTE department provides this training at no cost to Direct Support Professionals working in CCF’s. All classes are held at the SJCOE.