Directory of SJCOE Services

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AB 212 Early Childhood Education Staff Retention Program468-9019
AB 2913 Authorizations (Formerly SB395)468-4865
Academic Competition468-4866
Academic Decathlon468-4866
Academic Pentathlon468-4866
Academic Resources468-4814
Accounting System Coordination468-4830
Accounts Control468-5907
Accounts Receivable County Schools468-9207
Administrative Services Credential Program Tier II468-9191
After School Education Safety (ASES) (21st CCLC)468-4960
Alternative Programs468-4847
Artists in Schools468-4973
At Risk for Juvenile Justice468-4960
Attendance Reports468-4842
Bilingual and English Language Acquisition Programs and Services468-4865
Bilingual Cross-Cultural, Language, and Academic Development (BCLAD)468-4865
Bilingual/Teacher Training Project468-4865
California English Language Development Training (CELDT)468-4865
California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN)468-9295
California Regional Environmental Ed Community (CREEC) Region 6A468-4880
California State Testing (CAHSEE, CELDT, CHSPE, STAR)468-9236
California Teachers' of English Learners (CTEL) (Formerly CLAD)468-4865
CASST School Leadership Coaching Program468-9082
Charter School Financials468-4830
Children's Services Coordinating Commission468-5979
Commercial Warrants - County Schools468-4834
Commercial Warrants - Districts468-4845
Common Core State Standards468-9027
Construction Facilities468-9061
Coordinated School Health Program468-4960
County High School Honor Band and Choir Concert468-4973
County Middle School Honor Band and Choir Concert468-4973
County Operated Schools and Programs468-9265
CREEC Region468-4880
Delta Sierra Science Subject Matter Project468-4880
Delta/Floodplain Ecology Environmental Science468-4880
Digital Video468-5989
Dinner With A Scientist468-4880
Disaster Preparedness468-4960
Early Childhood Education468-9138
Early Education and Support 468-9031
EDJOIN - Statewide Jobs1-866-378-5999
Educational Foundation468-9061
Educational Services468-9027
Emergency Response468-4960
Employee Attendance County Schools, A - L468-5955
Employee Attendance County Schools, M - Z468-9078
Employment Opportunities at
English Language Development (ELD)468-4865
English Learners (ELs)468-4978
Environmental Education468-4880
Expulsion Appeals468-9265
Foreign Language468-4865
Gann Limits - County Schools468-4827
General Educational Development Test (GED)468-5970
Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) Regional Training Site468-4880
Hardware Repair468-4872
Head Start San Joaquin636-0018
Health Education/Services468-4960
Help Desk (
History/Social Science953-2124
HIV/AIDS Program468-4960
Human Resources468-4820
IMPACT - Teacher Credentialing468-4926
Induction Teachers College468-9190
Industrial Accidents/Injuries468-4838
Influenza Prevention Resources468-4960
Information Technology468-4870
Instructional Rounds953-2124
Interdistrict Attendance Appeals468-9265
Language & Literacy468-4865
Language Acquisition and Development468-4978
LCFF Calculations468-9053
LCFF Calculations - County Schools468-9053
LEA Medi-Cal468-9012
Legal Services468-4850
Local Child Care Planning Council (LCCPC)468-5979
Masters Degree in Education (TCS)953-2126
Math Olympiad Tournament468-9177
Math Smart Tutoring468-9177
Math, Science, and Beyond Resource Center468-4880
Medi-Cal Admin Activity (MAA)468-4960
Mental Health Services Act468-4960
Migrant Education468-9200
Mock Trial468-4866
Music Programs468-4973
Next Generation Science Standards468-4880
OS X Technical Support (
P.E. Physical Fitness Testing468-4960
PAR Consortium468-9155
Payroll - Countywide Payroll Taxes and Payments468-4838
Payroll - Direct Service School Districts468-4838
Payroll - District System User Support468-4835
Payroll & CalSTRS468-4837
Payroll, CalPERS, & FICA/OASDI468-4840
Payroll/Benefits County-wide by employee last name: A-F468-4832
Payroll/Benefits County-wide by employee last name: G-N468-9205
Payroll/Benefits County-wide by employee last name: O-Z468-9240
Pinnacle Team468-4866
Pre-School Health Services, First 5468-9296
Press Releases468-4937
Prevention and Early Intervention468-4960
Public Information Office468-4937
Regional Occupational Centers/Programs (ROC/P)468-9005
Regional System of District and School Support468-9056
Revenue Deposits - County Schools468-9298
Revenue Deposits - Districts468-4841
ROC/P Allocations468-9053
SACS Reporting - Budget - County Schools468-4828
SACS Reporting - Budget - District - Interim/Budget468-5907
SACS Reporting - Budget - Districts - Unaudited Actuals468-5907
SACS Reporting - County Schools Accounting468-4827
Safe and Drug Free School - Title IV468-4960
San Joaquin County Public Schools Directory468-4802
San Joaquin County School Districts468-4802
San Joaquin Literacy Directory468-9031
SARC Reports468-9265
SB 1292468-4865
School Boundaries Search468-4802
School District Organization468-4802
School Nursing/Health Services468-4960
School Readiness Services468-9019
School Violence Reduction468-4960
Science & STEM468-4880
Science and Engineering Fair468-4880
Science and Environmental Education Student Events468-4880
Science and STEM Education Student Events468-4880
Science Biotechnology468-4880
Science Olympiad468-4866
Secondary Integration of Modeling in Math & Science (SIMMS)468-4880
Small District Science Professional Development Consortium468-4880
SmartFind Express/Absences ( 636-0590
Spanish Language Classes468-4865
Special Education468-9279
Special Education Funding468-9053
Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)468-4925
Spelling Bee468-4866
Star Lab - SPACE Consortium468-4880
State and Federal Programs468-9236
Student Activities and Events468-4866
Student Services468-4847
Student Teaching Program468-4926
Substitute Services468-4863
Teacher Internships/Credential Programs468-4926
Teacher Performance Assessment468-5906
Teacher Professional Development and Science Education Support468-4880
Teachers College of San Joaquin468-4926
Teachers College of San Joaquin (
Teaching Opportunities for Partners in Science (TOPS) Retired Scientist Program468-4880
Teenage Pregnancy Prevention468-4960
Title III Technical Assistance468-4978
Tobacco Use Prevention Ed (TUPE)468-4960
Transportation Report County Schools468-4827
Verification Process for Special Settings (VPSS)953-2114
Williams Settlement468-9082
Workers Compensation County Schools468-4838
Writing Reform Institute for Teaching English (WRITE)468-4865
Youth and Government953-2124