Local Control and Accountability Plans

In order to inform the community about the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) in San Joaquin County, listed below are links with information for the various schools and programs operated by the San Joaquin County Office of Education as well as districts throughout the county.
NOTE: Additional information will continue to be added to this page throughout the LCAP process.

San Joaquin County Office of Education
SJCOE 2017-18 LCAP
Adopted SJCOE 2016-2017 LCAP
Adopted SJCOE 2015-2016 LCAP
Adopted SJCOE 2014-15 LCAP

one.Charter - Academy of Visual and Performing Arts LCAP
San Joaquin Building Futures Academy LCAP
Venture Academy Family of Schools LCAP
River Islands Technology Academy #2 (Charter sponsored by the SJCOE)

San Joaquin County K-12 Districts' Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs)

Banta 2017-18 LCAP
Escalon 2017-18 LCAP
Jefferson 2017-18 LCAP
Lammersville 2017-18 LCAP
Lincoln 2017-18 LCAP
Linden 2017-18 LCAP
Lodi 2017-18 LCAP
Manteca 2017-18 LCAP
New Hope 2017-18 LCAP
New Jerusalem 2017-18 LCAP
Oak View 2017-18 LCAP
Ripon 2017-18 LCAP
Stockton 2017-18 LCAP
Tracy 2017-18 LCAP
Banta 2016-17 LCAP
Escalon 2016-17 LCAP
Jefferson 2016-17 LCAP
Lammersville 2016-17 LCAP
Lincoln 2016-17 LCAP
Linden 2016-17 LCAP
Lodi 2016-17 LCAP
Manteca 2016-17 LCAP
New Hope 2016-17 LCAP
New Jerusalem 2016-17 LCAP
Oak View 2016-17 LCAP
Ripon 2016-17 LCAP
Stockton 2016-17 LCAP
Tracy 2016-17 LCAP

How You Can Shape Your School’s LCAP

With your voice and your ideas, today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders.

You can get involved with your local school as it prepares its LCAP. Whether you are a parent, student, staff, or a community member – your knowledge is necessary to determine what the needs are at your school. Your input will make sure the LCAP will direct funds where they are needed the most.

This short video will help you understand the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and the requirements for the LCAP.